Law Day Project Helps Low Income Islanders to Create Wills

  • April 17, 2017

The Canadian Bar Association (CBA) Young Lawyers Section and the Wills and Estates Section are excited to announce a “Wills Clinic”. The project is running April 24 - 28, 2017 in recognition of Law Day, which is celebrated annually on April 17th. Lawyers on PEI are volunteering to draft wills for a number of low income Islanders.

“This exciting Pro Bono initiative is a wonderful way for Young Lawyers to help Islanders in need,” said Meaghan Hughes, Chair of the CBA Young Lawyers Section in PEI.

The Community Legal Information Association (CLIA) is coordinating the application process. “CLIA regularly deals with families who are suffering as the result of a loved one dying without a will”, said CLIA’s President, Warren Banks. CLIA has found that many Islanders believe they cannot afford to see a lawyer to make a will, creating a significant access to justice concern. Law Day enhances the public’s understanding of the law and the role of lawyers and judges, making this project a natural partnership for the groups.