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New Refund Policy

The new refund policy stipulates that CBA membership fees (or a prorated amount) are non-refundable.

Although members are given several options to pay their annual membership fees, the amount due is an annual fee, and should not be treated as a monthly subscription. Once a member’s annual fees are paid, they are members for that year. For members who pay their annual membership fee in monthly installments, the entire remaining balance is due, in full, immediately upon cancellation of their membership.

In cases where a member’s fees are paid by their employer (or other third party), the CBA will no longer refund any portion of an individual’s membership fees to an employer (or other third party). If the relationship between the member and the employer (or third party) ends, and the employer (or other third party) wishes to recover the CBA membership fees, they should recover those fees (along with any other standard reimbursements) as part of their departure settlement.

For more information, please contact the Member Services Department.